Do I? I mean I've been playing for 4 years, and I've been improvising since I played.

If I do, why? Can't I just make solos out of my head?
they help in your understanding of what to do next and would make it easier to not hit wrong notes.
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If you'v been improving, you probably know the scales, just not their names.
well you'd get a hell of a lot better if you did.

are you talking modes or what scales?
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depends on how good your improvs are.

Scales maybe help a little........ or maybe a lot..... or maybe solos are based off scales sometimes.......

Yes. They help.
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Im not the hugest believer in theory, but no one can deny the scales are really helpful to know
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if ur not a big music theory guy, then scales arent as important to you.

but lots of players don't kno squat bout music, but kno plenty scales

If you want to be a good lead guitarist, or hell, even a good rhythm guitarist its a must know thing.

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No. But they will help you a lot. Start with the pentatonic minor.

Depends on how your instincts are when your playing. I only know the pentatonic and major and I don't use them. Lately i just know what note should come next depending on how i want it to sound right off the bat.
Do you have any idea how easy it is to learn the movable Major, minor, and harmonic minor scales?

Do it. Twill help your song writing too.
If you don't know your scales and you're improvising, chances are you sound like ****. You really should know them. You don't really need to know the names just aslong as you know where to use em.
They help, but you don't have to know them. It will help a lot with improvising. And, Chuck Schuldiner from Death didn't now any scales, but he was an amazing guitarist. He could play lead well and his songs were great.