do volume pedals work the same as attenuators?

is it like a footswitchable master volume or is it kinda like the volume knob on a strat, like how if its on 4 the pedals i use dont really sound a strong

i hope it makes sense

basically i want to crank my amp but use the volume pedal so i can have it be completely driven at the proper volumes

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Yeah, but it will probably rob some tone...and pedal effects.

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If you put it in the effects loop, it works like a crude master volume.
It does not work like an attenuator.
No. You're going to need an attenuator to get cranked tones at bedroom levels. It works just like the volume knob on your strat.
its like a volume knob on your guitar. just under your feet. but if you put it at the end of the chain, it will sound better than turning your guitar down before the chain, because you'll get the full volume of the guitar going into your pedals.
if you use it in an effects loop it will be a master volume pretty much, but all you get is preamp distortion. a little by itself doesnt hurt anyone, but alot sounds pretty bad, unless of course you have an amp thats made for preamp distortion. like a high gain amp.
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