What is the best overall brand of electric guitars? I no gibson is good, but they only make a few guitars (not including semi hollow or basses, im talking about solid body electrics). Fender, or Paul Reed Smith would prob be my choice.
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if you're talking mass market manufacturer and strictly on quality rickenbacker would be the winner.

Fender builds total crap. I have a couple CS Fenders that are ok, but I have some off the line GMP guitars that blow them away. I also have some older Fenders that are much better.

I'm talking build quality and sound here.

I honestly would never buy a new non-CS Fender.

I was in a GC recently and tried a bunch of new Fenders and couldn't find one that didn't feal cheap and toy like when compared to what the older ones and the cs models are like.

I had a PRS - well made but didn't do it for me. I guess that doesn't matter if you're talking "quality" it was made very well.
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stupid pointless thread is pointless

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Ibanez is a good brand if you want a lot of bang for your buck I think.

yea i own one, and there pretty good. The only thing is i dont no much about them.
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Schecters and some Jackson's
I like some Peaveys, too.
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I'll say Gretsch guitars + Rickenbacker basses = Mega Win.

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Ibanez is a good brand if you want a lot of bang for your buck I think.

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All in my opinion of course... Also, SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS

PRS = Fantastic, Gibson-esque guitars (beautiful too)
Fender = I like the feel of many Fenders (strats) but hardly ever the sound.
Gibson = Overpriced, but still wonderful (I find the necks sometimes too thick)
ESP = Great feel, sometimes the sound quality lacks in some models.
Schecter = Same as above, but with a much better price tag. (Too much 'image' too)
Ibanez = A lot of variation, sometimes overpriced, sometimes perfect.
Dean = I've played on Dean that I liked... the rest are ****ing stupid.
B.C. Rich = No thanks.
Jackson = Sometimes cheap sounding but usually very, very nice.
Washburn = Often complete garbage, but a few simple models have been amazing
Parker = Never tried one, but they look interesting?
Yamaha = Nicer models are great! Cheaper models are yuck!
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I'll say Gretsch guitars

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Alembic. By a wide margin over any other guitar I've every played.

About Fenders ... they're great guitars for the money for just the stock americans.
Very comfy to play and it's pretty much a no-frills design. The Custom Shop stuff...
unless you just like burning money, I'd avoid them. You can get some REALLY nice
guitars for that kind of money. I have a masterbuilt strat. Nice, but nothing
special about it. Fender's also real fond of "authentic cosmetic trashing" of thier
really expensive stuff. fake fake fake. I hate fake.
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Hmmm... Rickenbacker and PRS Would be mine... cos my daddy owns a PRS Santana! xD
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I would vote for ESP and Edwards (ESP Japan)

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Well the obvious two would be Fender and Gibson, but obviously both have their downsides. I've never played a Ric, but for looks they are beautiful, and I've heard they are very well built. But the Gibson ES-335 is probably the nicest (feel, sound quality, comfortable-ness) guitar I've ever played. But yeah, it has downsides :\ overpriced, necks a bit too fat etc. Asides from that, Strats are very comfortable.

Anyway, there is no "best" brand, because each has it's downsides, and different guitars and suited to different people

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It's all subjective. It depends on the person, the style, the sound and feel you're looking for...

Anyway, for me it's PRS. The Custom 24 is absolutely perfect for me. I'll have to get the money first, though :P
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Hagstrom has the best bang for buck. BETTER THAN IBANEZ.
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I really like Ibanez. They play better for me than other brands I've tried. Second....I'd say Jackson or Dean.
For me, nothing beats a Dean. I have NEVER played a Les Paul that I liked, I absolutely hate them. I've tried many others also; I've played pretty much every guitar in my guitar center and other shops, along with my friends' guitars, and nothing suits me as perfectly as my Dean. From the lightning fast neck to the Grover tuners, the flawless Floyd Rose, and just the total image of the huge ML bodystyle (I'm a pretty big guy so it suits me.) I've never had any trouble out of either of mine, and I've loved every one I've ever played.
Completely pointless thread. Most guitar brands are good, you get what you pay for. If you pay cheap then your going to get a cheap guitar, as simple as that.

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Hagstrom has the best bang for buck. BETTER THAN IBANEZ.


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Technically there can be no best because even if a company makes really good guitars, all companies make the cheap guitars which are bad quality. I guess some of them make better quality cheap guitars than the other but really they are the same.

My vote would be(in no specific order) ESP and Jackson.
Parker= Fantastic, all of them.
ESP= Incredible, as long as you dont buy any of the LTD models that have a model number lower than 400 ex. EC-50
Gibson= Really can't go wrong with a gibson. Sometimes have really thick necks, but the SGs are fairly thin
Jackson= WAY Overrated IMO. They sound decent but play like garbage compared to other brands. The Ibanez RGEX1 felt better than the Jackson SL2H
Ibanez= People say the low end ones are junk, but for junk, they're the ****ing best. The higher end ones have great necks and great trems, but the sound is lacking
Fender= Kinda gone downhill recently. But nothing is quite like a strat, although everything tries to be.
PRS= Same as fender- gone downhill. Way overpriced, more overpriced than gibsons
Carvin= FANTASTIC feel, although you may want to replace the pickups. the carvins can be a little thin. Look great too. ALL CUSTOM SHOP which is really cool. Also factory direct, so it cuts out the middle man (i.e. Guitar Center) that jacks up the price a couple hundred bucks.
Dean= Some are total garbage, some are fantastic. Lets take the razorback- awesome neck- but ****ty licensed floyd and only one nice pickup.

But this is just My Opinion. Feel free to disagree
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There's no such thing as "the best guitar brand"!
There's only personal preferences and overall quality differences within each individual brand!

I myself prefer ESP and Schecter, though I dream of custom build BC Rich Warlock's.....

I guess this thread will pretty soon turn into a battlefield! Those who hate Fenders will be slaughtered by Fender lovers, and those who hate BC Rich'es will be slaughtered by BC Rich lovers!

Do you see my point?

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