So I went and bought a used Schecter C-1 Classic today at guitar center. Beautiful guitar, worked great in the store, brought it home, changed the strings, and polished the neck/body. Now it barely produces any sound. Don't really know what could have happened...wasn't dropped or anything. Any thoughts?
you obviously messed something up with the strings. I wouldnt touch it anymore for fear of messing it up further. I would just take it back and see what the pros have to say.
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mayb ur amp or chord or strings. check ur connections and amp. otherwise take it back to be inspected.
have you checked your volume knob? or maybe your cord. inspect the strings and make sure they are all on right, then if it still doesn't work take it back to the store and have them look at it.
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I know it's not the amp or cable, I used my old strat to check that. I guess I'll just have to take it back and have it checked out.