i was just wondering what wood gives the best(in your opinion) tone, as i am trying to decide what to make my electric guitar out of.
edit: though itd help if i said i want a nice metal sound
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mahogany or alder should do nicely. depending if you want a brighter or darker sound.
Mahogany body with maple cap then swan maple (if finished) or bird's eye maple (if unfinished) for the neck is my favorite setup.
mohagany body maple neck are best imo

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ok thanks everyone
everybody ive talked to about it says mahogany
also i have never built a guitar before so im just going to make a body and buy a neck
as i've heard necks are the hardest pieces to make properly
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I suggest you read THIS PAGE to decide what sort of wood would be most suitable for what you want.
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not plywood. unless you're using actives, in which case it doesn't matter as much. mahogany is quite nice imo.
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