So lately at gigs and band pracs, ive been getting this really ugly feedback when im not playing . even when i mute the strings on the guitar it still hums crazy.

i play a grover jackson soloist jr (japanese) which has a single coil in the neck position and a humbucker in the bridge. the pickups look like emg pick ups (black) only it has jackson printed on it. they are active. the guitar also has a jackson licensed floyd rose on it. the amp i play it through is a roland cube 60.

i know its the guitar because ive tried using my epi les paul through the cube and no feed back occurs. ive also tried with different amps and the same problem occurs.

whats weird with the feed back is that it doesnt happen when im playing on the single coil, only when im on the bridge humbucker. the feed back also only happens at higher volumes. sometimes the feedback doesnt even occur, but most of the time its there and its annoying as hell.

i showed the problem to my guitar teacher and he rekons it might actually be the pick up cover thats vibrating causing the feedback but he wasnt too sure.

Help me UG!!
Try replacing the battery. Low batteries in active pups can cause screwyness.
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yeh, ive tried that. hmm.. unless im suppose to use a 9v battery thats for instrument use (if such thing exists), because i just put in a normal energizer one.

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earthing problem and or u need to re wax pot it

I think your pickups became microphonic. Waxpot them.
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what does that mean? i have no idea what a wax pot is..

and like is that possible for me to do myself or do i have to take it to the repair guy.

thanks guys for the help so far, really appreciate it. =]
okay.. well are there any other alternatives to dipping my pickups in a pot full of wax?

and is it wise to wax pot ACTIVE pickups?
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