okay so i love steve vai and playing metal (hardcore/thrash) like way more distorted than vai. i know via uses carvin. can this amp achieve close to both. obviously it wont achieve full on steve vai tube tone but i dont have the money for a tube amp. if this wont get that tone what amp will?
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Maybe with a keeley ds-1, but otherwise I don't think so.
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I have the SX300 head.
They can get a nice medium crunch type gain, and might be able to get Vai like tones. I'm not a huge fan of Vai's tone, so I guess I've never tried. Higher gain metal stuff though is out of its reach, regardless of what reviews might say. I still use a distortion pedal, and then I eq my first channel with a lot of mids for my lead sound, and then leave the mids around 5 or so for my rhythm sound. The eq controls are very nice though,, they are active eq which means that when you adjust one frequency it subtly changes the other eq frequencies if i understand it right, but eq to get nice sounds isn't a problem.
so does it have good clarity on the highs? and could i get a good searing solo going?
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Quote by Dimefan69
so does it have good clarity on the highs? and could i get a good searing solo going?

It can be very crisp and clear sounding depending on how you eq it, but it doesnt have a searing amount of gain, not in my opinion anyway.
so with right amount of eq, a good choice of pickups and a good od pedal. i can get a good tone?
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I haven't tried running an od pedal through it, as it wouldn't be pushing tubes or anything lie that. It does have a very tube feel and sound on the clean channel and on the blues setting on channel two though. I can get good tones running all of my guitars through it. I tried to get as close to a vai tone as i can, at least what I think of as a vai kind of tone, and it is definitely attainable without an od or distortion pedal, but thats with the drive control around 8 or so. Also something you should know, once you get from about 8 to 10 on the drive knobs it doesn't give a whole lot more gain, but it does give you a lot more buzz and if you turn up the amp the feedback can get really terrible. It's not a gradual fade in feedback either,,,, its a screeching feed immediately after you let go of the strings. This is the reason why i use an outboard distortion pedal instead of the gain on the amp.
thank you. you have been a large help!
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