I want to buy a nice sounding amp, that works for practice and small gigs, looking to get a tube for under 1,000 bucks USD
I also play a wide variety of music from blues to metal, was thinking about the peavy classic 50/212

Nice amp, but you can do a lot better than that for 1k. What are your favorite bands tones, or what bands have a tone you like?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Think more 1980 metallica and megadeth
as opposed to bodom and new metal bands
theres b-52, theres the peavey valve king. bugera's are supposed to be pretty cheap for tube amps cant say i've ever played through one.
there are some hybrid amps like the randall g3plus that aren't too expensive
My gear
ESP Ltd series H 400
fernandes ravelle elite (honey burst finish, emg 81 in bridge.)
B-52 AT-112(all tube!)
Hrm, check mesa express, or maybe an f-30. Classic 30 or 50 is worth a look, maybe a used jcm 800 is you can find it. Deluxe reverb is you can live without on board OD.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I might go with the mesa express, only ~600 usd used seems like a good deal