Well, after I got my check, I thought I'd upgrade from a crappy 2 gig Nano Ipod to a 160 Gig Video Ipod.

I want to know how to put videos on there, so I can put some pr0n on it, true Pit style.

Thanks for the help.
Yes you can put video on it. The primary and easiest way is to simply purchase video items (tv shows, music videos, movies, etc) on itunes and then itunes will sync them over.

In order to put your own video material on your ipod (porn, your home dvd collection, other vids on your puter...whatever) you will need to convert them to the ipod video format which I believe is mp4.

Anyway, google for convert my video to ipod and there will be a number of relatively inexpensive, straightfoward programs that will basically rip any dvd's or other video files you have and convert them to ipod video format then you simply drag/drop to your ipod or import via itunes.
you need to download the video then get a converter to convert it into the right format....just find a converter
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I recommend you download Cucusoft's video converter. It's really good. I use it all the time.
You can find the full version via torrent.
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