Basically, I'm soon gonna record screamed vocals in a band I'm in.
We're looking at a Shure SM58.
If you know any mic that's better, tell me.
Anyways, basically what I need is a mic that has a good output for screaming, and has a good high-end.

My screaming range is medium-highish, through to REALLY low.

Is this a good mic, or is there better?

Thanks guys.
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Didn't you just post the same thing on Musician Talk? If no one answers then no one knows.
a Shure SM58 is fine for screaming, it's arguably the best live vocal mic out there. For recording however, there are much much better mics.

Magicedit: Oops! I didn't read it right. Buy and AKG Perception microphone for recording. Cheap and effective.
recording screaming in a dynamic mike??????? nahhh
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actually for a studio/basement recording the sm57 is awsome, but for live i would suggest the beta one, its more expensive, but for lead its aamazing, AND NO BASS FEEDBACK. especially if you go as low as i do, you need a bass feedback rejecter.