Basically, I'm soon gonna record screamed vocals in a band I'm in.
We're looking at a Shure SM58.
If you know any mic that's better, tell me.
Anyways, basically what I need is a mic that has a good output for screaming, and has a good high-end.

My screaming range is medium-highish, through to REALLY low.

Is this a good mic, or is there better?

Thanks guys.
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i have the 57 and it's basically the same thing, and it is a decent mic. however i've never screamed in it so i really don't know how that'd sound but i'd imagine it'd handle it perfectly fine. you should post this in the Riffs and Recordings forum for better answers.
The Shure SM58 is the ex industry standard live vocal mic, and held that position for upwards of twenty years, gained a reputation for being virtually indestructible, and has been used in pretty much every kind of vocal music there is.

It is the best dynamic mic for live vocals there is in its price range. Using one for screaming is perfectly fine, speaking from experience, as I have used them for screaming before, as well as clean vocals and growling.

knivessout: The 57 and 58 are different in that the 57 is a directional mic designed for micing amps and instruments, whereas the 58 is designed to be less directional, and used for vocals, although I have used a 57 as a vocal mic before, it is a lot harder to get the same quality signal as with a 58, due simply to the directional properties.

This thread should be in Riffs and recordings so I'm gonna go ahead and report it.

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