Ok, so I currently have an offer for a Vox ac30cc2 with vintage 30's for $700. Only problem is that the transaction would be through Ebay and the seller has 50% feedback. So basically I have two questions. First off, what kind of sounds would I get from the vintage 30's (is it a worthy upgrade?). And secondly, should I even consider buying this thing through ebay, or suck it up and just buy it from a local guitar store (without the vintage 30's) for about 1000 or so. Thanks.
Don't buy it from him.

Seriously, why would you purchase something on ebay from a dude who has 50% positive feedback?

I'd play it safe and just buy it new from the shop, or just keep your eyes open for other ac30s to pop up on ebay.
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I'd never buy from someone with 50% feedback on ebay. I want a seller to have a lot of feedback, and a rating higher than 95%. I also wouldn't want V30's in an AC30. I think they're a terrible match for the amp.

So no.
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