ok so i have this poopy old 4 string that i dont play anymore and i was gonna try to defret it for kick and giggles to see if i could do it(i dont rly care if i ruin the bass doing it) so i was wondering how can i defret it without to much of a cost to doing it and what tools equipment and etc. would i need to perform this task???
Well I used a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry out the frets. Then I filled all the gaps in with wood filler. Then covered the neck in resin so the strings don't eat into it.
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I've defretted many fingerboards, what you wanna do man, is get a cource sandpaper and sand the neck first, this will give the poly a place to to go and stick. You wanna use a foam brush to apply it you can get a decent one for like a dollar. The poly you wanna use, is just regular ol' furniture poly, Im sure they make special polys for fretboards, but I didnt find any of that in my home depot. Anyways how many coats is a personal prefrence. You dont want it to thick though. maybe 3mm tops. But to apply just dip the foam in the can,drain excess (make sure you are in a ventilated room at room temperature.) You do not wanna do this in a humid day or in a cold day. for obvious reasons. Then start at the nut and slowly go down to last "frets". At first all you will see is the poly rehidrading the scratched wood. But keep going until its al distributed and watch out for air bubbles. Either go ------> or <------- with youu brush do not mix match, that will create bubbles. Also let at least half hour or an hour to dry, then come with a finer, less cource sand paper and sand it again, and re apply. Wait, and then do it over again with a more finer, the more layers of finer sand papering will give you a smoother board. Also when sanding dont sand with a flat hand try to countur with the neck or else if you sand it to much you're going to hva it replaced cause you messed up the radius. Also you will notice the more times you sand and add the poly, the harder it will be to sand. Once it gets to that point sand a final time and apply poly. Leave it protected, dont let dust drop on it, or anything like it. Leave it for a day or 2, a week, if you can handle wating. Then you are done! A nice polyed neck. You can get a buffing wheel and buffin solution if you want it extra shiny but for me the natural poly shine was good enough. Also with rosewood, the more you sand the deeper the color gets, and the more beautiful it becomes,at times the wood that I worked with would have the most chocolatly brown colors I've ever seen. Sorry for the long post

Thats how to poly the neck now the actual removal of the frets sum1 else will do I just cant be bothered to do all that typin rgt now. And for tools, A hammer,mayb chissel,a flat iron,screwdriver,pliers, towel,and tape.
Don't use wood filler because wood filler eventually compacts and then the neck will warp. use thin strips of maple.