Ok, I have 2 questions concerning gear to get.

1: I need a new practice amp for my bedroom. My band's covering all my "big amp" needs, but I still need something better than my 2-year-old starter amp. I was thinking about modifying my amp (putting better speakers in, etc) but that's probably more trouble than its worth (or is it?)

Should I

-Buy this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Crate-FlexWave-Series-FW15-15W-1x8-Guitar-Combo-Amp-481054-i1175925.gc ?
-Or this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Frontman-10G-10W-Guitar-Combo-Amp-104810551-i1370098.gc ?
-Buy something else?
-Just mod my current one?

I play rock (mostly classic rock) , punk (Ramones, Casualties, Offspring, etc.), and metal (mostly melodic European metal - Nightwish, COB, etc.)

ALSO, I need a guitar case. I ain't paying B.C. Rich $200 just for a case. The guitar itself was hardly more than that. I need a HARD case that I can take to gigs and stuff, and also room to hold small things like pedals, bongs, cables, and picks in. Anyone know any good cases that would fit? Or should I make my own? I have a basic idea of how to do it...
guitar cases are heavy enough you don't want to put pedals in them.
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I'm not too concerned about heaviness, and pedals shouldn't add too much weight.

And Roland micro cubes are like... $125 right? that's over 50% more than the Crate amp. Is it worth it? Keep in mind that I don't have a job and when I get one it'll almost certainly be minimum wage.
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Quote by Horlicks
IMO the crate and fender are pure crap. The Roland is definitely decent

"Decent"? Is there anything better in that price range? Or do you just mean "decent" compared to other amps in general (regardless of price)? Cause my mind isn't fixed on any one amp, I'm open to all suggestions, preferably under $100.