I have a bc rich KKV and i am having a lotta intonation problems with it.I think the truss rod needs adjustment.Also,the bridge is a wrap around one and it kinda seems like its "leaning" in front..ie ..it is not straight like it used to be before..If i look at the guitar from one side ,It seems as though the neck is dipping sort to speak.Do i have a back bow ??..if yes, how do i fix it ..and how do i make the bridge erect. ..
I found your problem... you have a BC Rich! Seriously, get it looked at in a guitar shop, it sounds relatively easy to fix for them, i think you need to loosen your truss rod and tighten your bridge springs
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Well,i would like to fix this myself..and yes,i do regret buying it.Could someone tell me how to loosen the truss rod n tighten the bridge springs...
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and how do i make the bridge erect. ..

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if it has a floating trem, and the bridge is "dipping" into the body there is too much tension pulling the bridge down. in other words flip your guitar over and take out a spring, this might take the bridge out a little more. to adjust your truss bar there should be a little plastic covering on the headstock of your guitar. take that off and use an allen key to adjust by turning it. that should help the intonation.