Yeah so i have to choose a new guitar to get this october and i'm in a 5 way tie at the moment

Jackson Rx10d
Epiphone Explorer Korina
Schecter Diamond Omen 6 FR
Ibanez RG350
ESP 100QM Tremolo

I'm Playing Mainly Metal (Metallica CoB A7X) but classic rock aswell Guns N Roses Hendrix Ac/Dc)
So i don't know which one to go for?
And i Can't get a new amp atm what are your dudes thoughts
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i wouldn't get the explorer tbh (speaking from personal experience)

i've got an banez rg320 and it's pretyt good for playing metal because of it's neck but I'm looking to replace the tremolo.

don't buy a schecter diamond unless it's a c1 blackjack or hellraiser

i'm not really sure about the esp, never played one.
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Depends. First thing to ask yourself, is a trem essential? If yes, you can exclude the Epi.

Then look at the specs of each guitar.

Pickups- are they any good, will you have to change them later on?
Wood- Do you want a brighter sound with basswood or maybe go for mahogany and get a warmer, darker tone
Price- How much are you getting for what you're paying? Is it worth it?

And then just play each guitar and pick what feels right to you.
i hav e a rg350dxl and its soo amazing its flawless, unless you dont like floating trem.
in which case block it off BUT BUY THE IBANEZ
Licensed Floyd Rose at this price range will bring you nothing but headaches.
Add an Ibanez S320 to the list. ZR kills LFR

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^ +1 to the S320. All the guitars you've listed have pretty shoddy trems.

And why can't you get an amp?
Thanks all of the replies and i can't get a new amp as i'm only 16 and it's one or the other sadly
Jackson RX10D
Gibson Baldwin SG
Marshall MG30DFX
Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 (With the Matching Cab )