I tested out this little tube amps and they are definetely too loud So I can imagine how loud it would be at my house So I am looking for 30W solid state amp, I like to play thrash and heavy but somerimes I like to play some rock and light stuff on clean. I am intrested in couple of amps but I am confused Oh and I live in England so not every big store is availible for me

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+1 to roland cube 30. the vox AD30VT-XL is apparently a bit crap. I know for sure that the cube isn't.

EDIT:^ No, NOT marshall MG. the cube is just better - its not even subjective in this case. The MG has brittle sounding cleans, and thin, harsh, buzzy distortion that lacks any articulation whatsoever.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
^+1 on the cube, but not on the mg. i have an roland cube 20x, and i play death/thrash, high gain solos, some cleans, some acoustic, and this thing handles it very well.
No, no For sure not Marshall MG, I tested it couple of months song and honestly I can say it's crap
Gotta get the cube, good for home practice, plus if you think you need a little more sound or are gonna play live, just upgrade to the cube 60
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No, 60W will be too much, I don't have a band so I dont need that much of power, 30W will be ok, I will try to check out this Roland Cube 30X, how about this Vypyr ? Is this new thing from Peavey ? It seems like it's next Line6 Spider...
I just got my Randall v2xm, the distortion is great if you consider that it is a $170 ss amp. I use it just to practice and so far it has been a great buy.
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