i have an ibanez GTA10 practice amp that came with a jumpstart pack. i usually just need this for practice in my room. when i go jamming, i get to use much bigger stuffs. so i'm not that picky about how it sounds.

but i usually reach the max volume pretty quickly. and the amp produces a hissing noise at high levels, but it doesn't bother me very much.
i didn't want to spend anymore on a practice amp, but recently i came across a Stranger Cube 20 amp (the price is a friggin' steal!), so i was wondering if it was worth it going from my 10W to 20W.


(btw,i dont use amp distortions)
yeah go for 20W
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like i said, i'm not saving up for anything as i can access to proper amps when i need. i just need sth to practice with.

so, i should go with stranger cube 20?