Hello everyone,
I've bought a Rivera fandango 3 weeks ago and decided to return it, after giving a thought I understood that the knucklehead reverb would suit my needs better
and in the next rivera order my dealer is doing, ill order the Knucklehead reverb.
I'm having a few questions about it, ill be happy if the guys who own it or had experience with it would be able to answer:

1. Is there a difference in sound between the 55 and the 100 watt versions?

2. Can I put kt88 on both models? Which tubes would fit in?

3. Would you say that the el34 version is warmer sounding? How would you describe the difference Between the two?

4. Would you say that the 2nd channel on the fandango is the same as the 2nd channel on The knucklehead? How would you describe the difference?(if any of you had any experience with both amps).

5. Would you say the amp will have a good usable tone for bedroom levels when turned down to 12 or 8 watts?(depends on which model ill choose, 100 or 55 watts).

Thanks everyone, ill be happy to know what you think, and even just
your impressions from the amp.
I don't know much about Rivera amps but there should be little to no difference in sound between the 55 and 100 watt models so I'd go with the 55w version; 100w will be more watts than you will probably ever need.
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