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Meaning a small amp which is placed in our room for practice, practice and practice.

I have bought small 15W amp of Marshall MG15DFX. It's made in India
My amateur video review:
5 star dah! for the price and performance
Fender is the finest guitar ever made
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Marshall MG30DFX & MB30
Cant beat em

I have my VS in the shed and my Ashdown EB12 in the living room
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anyone have Blues Junior by Fender? how its sound?
It's hard to find this amp in my country, so I went with Marshall period
Fender is the finest guitar ever made
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Peavey Rage 15! go Peavey!

I have one of those too! But I must say, the dirty channel is no good for metal.
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how its sound man? could you please share us the sample thanks

I have fun with my Marshall MG15DFX at the moment, but plan to get small Fender because I'm a Fender fans
Fender is the finest guitar ever made
orange crush 15r
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Some random Peavey 4x12 slant cab
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Orange Tiny Terror.

have you played it with a band? is it loud enough?
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how its sound man? could you please share us the sample thanks

I have fun with my Marshall MG15DFX at the moment, but plan to get small Fender because I'm a Fender fans

Sounds OK. You read about how great they sound but they have no clean sound. Nice if you're recording.

I bought it in 93 for about 150.00
^ thanks for the info
great to hear that you had bought in 1993 and still sounding good
Fender is the finest guitar ever made
A marshall JVM half stack

Yes i know

sound proof rooms rock
and earplugs too
and cranked amp tone
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I practice on my Peavey VK212; when I need to be quiet I just face the speakers into the wall.
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Well my practice amp currently is this crappy BC rich 15 w that came with a starter package (no I didn't buy the starter package). In a month or two I'll still have my BC amp and I'll have a Bugera 333XL 212 combo, which I'll use for practicing more than anything because I hate the BC amp lol
wow, I really like the way you play.

I use a Zvex Nano head and 1x12 Avatar Hellatone 30.
Fender Frontman 15W

My Rig ;D
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I've got a Roland Cube 60 for the bedroom and also a very very small squier SP-10 for when I want to make musical farts.

The Cube is pretty decent for me, I'm only a bedroom guitarist as it stands.
I have a Fender Frontman 15R in my bedroom that drives the wife crazy in the evenings and a Peavey 112 Valveking that I keep in my personal practice room
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roland micro cube. for a practice amp, this thing is LOUD. for actual playing i play on a 30 watt tube vox.
Fender Champion 600 is my main practice amp. Basic-as-can-be 5w tube amp, just one volume control, on/off switch and two inputs (to choose how hard you want to drive the amp), and it goes all the way to 12

Though I also have a Fender Bullet 150 SS amp for when I can't be bothered to plug in any pedals or for when I want to play with overdriven tones without havign to actually crank an amp up to house-shaking volume levels, since that amp has built-in EQ, gain, delay, reverb, chorus, flange and tremolo effects.
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My hiwatt union jack stack... tis not bad
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frontman 25R
good for the price. ok distortion, pretty good reverb. not enough gain for metal, but then again, it's a fender amp.
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I use a Stagg one but i'm selling it to help pay for my real amp.

you won't get much for a stagg

umm i practice on my marshall valvestate 100
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Roland Cube 30x!
Jackson DK2T Dinky
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Roland Cube 30x
both my amps are for practice!
epiphone valve jr 5 watt tube
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little peavey rage.
epiphone gothic lp
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vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
cube 30 for playing
POdxt for recording

yay for cubes though. they rock
I use the splawn quickrod and 2x12 cab for bedroom practice. For full use I run both the quickrod and dragon together.
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orange micro crush. what more do you need?

Ah i was going to trade my cube for one but i wasnt sure how they sounded.

But i got a micro cube which is pretty decent.
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