I was stupid enough to post this in the pit only to get answers such as fap, drink smoke pot, e.t.c. so I'm trying here if you guys can't help me well then, I guess I tried.

I have to play a song for a recital thing (or whatever you want to call it) for my guitar teacher and his other students, anyway its in like 2 hours and i can play the song perfectly fine (Phantom of the Opera-Iron Maiden)

However the problem is my god damn nerves they **** with me no matter what, no matter how many times I say I'm good and all that just for a little confidence boost i get up there, or even before I get up on the stage my palms sweat and the heart beats a little faster you know all that stuff. I shouldn't be nervous either because I've seen my teachers students play before also at our last recital and I'm not being arrogant when I say I'm his best student, but it's only because i have been playing longer, however even then when I played I picked Smells Like Teen Spirit to play and I even screwed a couple things up on that, and that was an incredibly eeeeaaasssy song!

Anyway if you have any tips that help you they would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm a classical guitar major and we're required to play both juries publicly and recitals. It always gets to me, but each time less so. You just have to keep doing so that you get comfortable up there.
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Wow, finally some real answers thanks guys!
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
Just remember they are there to watch and enjoy your piece, They are not there for any negative reasons!

Just be happy on stage and even tell some jokes or something!

make yourself comfortable and good luck man!
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just chill and get in the zone... i used this for my first "show" (all 600 students of my school at a morning assembly) when the most advanced song i knew was iron man, and i managed to get up there play (as succesfully as i could have been at the time) then walk away as the talk of the school... all that you have to do i pretend to be relaxed then u will become relaxed and the crowd will love you
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Man you guys are really helping out I mean I know all of this stuff, but hearing it from otehrs really helps, even if it is over the internet!
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
Nerves sucsk. Even when you know you can play the song perfectly, it feels so much different playing it in front of people. In the end, the only person who is really going to care if you don't play it perfectly. You just have to be completely confident in yourself and not let it get to you if you screw up, although that is so much easier said than done.

Good luck man

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Make sure you talk to some other people. When I was @ college (Berklee) we used to have a proficency every semester that counted for 50% of your grade and was given by two other instructors - not your teacher.

I always used to make fast friends with the other folks waiting to go in. Makes it easier if you're all in it together.
A few deep breaths will do wonders. Breathe in through your nose deeply, hold it for a second, and exhale through your mouth. Do this 3-5 times and that should do it. Also, try not to eat a couple hours before the show in case you get a bad case of the "butterflies".

And remember, you're there to play music so have some fun while you're up there.
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