I looked all through the Theory sticky, but i didnt understand a few things. COuld someone please clarify (or link me up to a site explaining) these things?

key signatures and time signatures, and be able to write them in treble and bass clef

I'd like to understand and be able to write major, minor, diminished and dominant seventh chords (and how dominant sevenths resolve)

modes in any key
It's just everyother note

example: the key of C = CDEFGABC =12345678

To get the first chord, count from first note....CEG
Second chord .... DFA, and so on and so forth

The degree of the notes from CEG are 1,3,5.
To extend or play the 7th note of a chord, as an example 1,3,5,7.
it's just everyother note.

DFAC= Dmin7

Look up the interval names for term idenfications.

Dominat simply refer to the 5.
Romans are use to identify chords , so when writing the 5th degree for chords,
try to use V.....becuase some people are anial about every little thing.

That's why you havn't gotten any replies
You can't just read a few things and expect to understand it, you still need to spend a good deal of time studying and working with things for it to start making sense.
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