Right now I'm really considering getting a Blackheart Little Giant since my practice amp is shot. The price is right, from what I hear on youtube it sounds incredible, and the all tube/single channelsness makes me think of it as a tiny version of a jcm800. Now I want to get the head with a cab, because I've also got two other heads (dual rec and an 800) but only one cab for them, and sometimes when I'm playing with other people I'd rather they just use one of those (what's with people bringing really awful crate solid states from the 80s to practice? i swear, everyone must have one) but we don't have an extra cab to run the other one through. Also, a 1x12 or 2x12 would be nice for portability.

For the most part, I would want this cab to be used with the Little Giant, but I also want it usable with my other amps once and awhile. I'm thinking I could go for the valve junior cab for 130$, maybe less if I could find one used, but it's only rated at 70 watts. Would the higher wattage amps just kill this thing? I guess the Blackheart cab would be just as cheap if I got it with the head in a package, and that seems to be about the same thing but at 75 watts. I'd go with avatar, but their cheapest cab is 219$, and I'd rather not go over 300$ with the cab and the head. Any ideas?

Or should I just go with a cube?
to handle the dual rec you are going to need a 2x12, a 1x12 would just be odd. And when it comes to cabs, take avatar, your going to have to save but it will be worth it.
it would be odd, but would it work and not blow the speaker? I do run the dual rec with 2 of the tubes pulled, and my 800 is 50W.
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whats the wattage of the dual rec now?


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With all the tubes in it's 100W. With only 2 it 'runs at the equivalent of 50W'. I'm not sure if that means it's actually at 50W, or just has about as much headroom.
why? will it blow, or just look weird? if it looks weird, or just sits on top of it funny, then i can live with a 1x12.
well, I know that. with a dual rec, the lack of low end is actually a plus. but will it work without destroying the gear?
if you get a speaker that can handle the dual recs wattage, then a 112 will work
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Have a look at avatar's 2x12's.
Or Maybe a Marshall MC series cabinet. (MC people, not MG.)
Or Randall's MTS 2x12.

Just see if you can try some out, as other's give off more bass, different sounds, and what have you.
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