Engl Screamer 50W head for $750
Laney VH100R head for $875
Laney GH100L head for $810
5150 Halfstack for $850

Which should I get? I play mostly metal, but I do some softer things as well. I'm leaning towards one of the Laney heads.

Which one, and pros/cons of any? Thanks a ton.
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The GH100L has no clean channel.
The 5150 has a famously iffy clean channel
The Screamer has one EQ section for all the channels.

The Screamer has an effective 4 channels if I remember correctly.
The 5150 has the stereotypical melodic death metal sound
The GH100L also comes in the GH50L version which is exactly the same apart from the wattage but seeing as how it has no clean channel it doesn't really need the extra headroom afforded by the extra watts.

Effectively which one you choose comes down to which one's tone you like better, they all have quite distinctive sounds that they do very well but if it was up to me I'd probably go for the ENGL or the VH100R.
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