So I'm going to be heading out to buy some strings today (Or tomorrow depending on which friends are awake yet).

I've been considering Flatwound Strings for a while now, as I really love that warm beautiful tone...

But I play a lot of different music... Roundwounds may be great for some Jazz. Jam music or even flamenco...

But I doubt it would work out for shred metal...

Are Half rounds a good choice for someone who wants to have a foot in the door of "Chill strings?"

Do flat/half wounds sound good with high gain or distortion settings?

Any artists who use flat wounds so I can YouTube them to grasp what they're able to do?
I say flatwounds are awesome. I play jazz and heavy metal. The only problem with flatwounds is the pick slides dont sound as wild. But for most stuff they are better, and they also make me a faster player.
Quote by roshjosh
Sounds good, I don't use a pick often (even for shred guitar)...

So they sound alright for faster and more 'punchy' music?

I use them for edgy music. And I have them on one of my guitars in C tuning. They take some of the edgyness away, but thats what i love. It makes the sound so deep. THe clean channel on C sounds great.