Not that I'd spit at him, of course. I went to the London Guitar Show. Marshall had a little booth, within which 'guitar clinics' were happening. At 1pm Paul Gilbert was playing. It was a tiny little sound-proof booth. I say 'clinic', but really all it was was Paul playing for about half an hour to three quarters, playing some of his songs, and in between his songs bleeting on and on about how amazing Marshall are, then playing more songs. He kept wiping his forehead in-between each song with a Marshall towel. It was funny the first time, but after that it just got increasingly gay and kind of annoying. Still, I got to speak to him and he seemed like a nice bloke. He was really modest considering how ridiculously amazing he is, and was basically probably only there because he's contractually required to be. Marshall give him infinite free amps, he has to promote Marshall at these events.

Anyway, I took a couple of crappy photos on my phone, and shot a really terrible video of him playing Technical Difficulties. I'm not going to bother showing you the video. It'll just give you ear and eye ache. Here's the photos. You might get this close to him during a meet and greet, but you'd never get this close to him actually playing at a gig. It was really amazing.

At one point he asked for requests. I requested Smoke on The Water. He just laughed at me lol. His guitar sounded fantastic of course. I forget exactly what amp he was using. It was a little Marshall valve combo, Vintage something-or-other, with only one channel. He specifically said he likes "one great-sounding channel" during one of his little Marshall-bumming speeches. He was using a lot of pedals and stuff. Well, not a lot really (compared to what some players use), but definitely a fair few, in order to make the most of the one channel, I suppose.

The most amazing thing was being able to witness such virtuosity up so close. His fingers were ablaze across the fretboard, and not a single bad note in a whole half hour or more of intense shredding. He played a bunch of songs from his new instrumental album, and finished with Technical Difficulties. He was very enthusiastic when he played. Pulled lots of silly guitar faces and stuff, which was great. Always counted himself in with a really exaggerated "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!!" before each song as well, heh.

Yngwie Malmsteen was playing at 3:30pm, but I couldn't hang around that long. Wish I had. I wanted to see him walk out in his victorian finery, frilly cuffs etc and dripping with gold to a room of twenty people lol!
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I was gonna go to that.

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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He uses a Vintage Modern 2206C I believe, I think its on his website, I'm not sure.

He definitely said it was a "Vintage-something-something", so that sounds about right. It's a fantastic sounding amp. I suppose it helped that Paul Gilbert was playing through it, and not some kid at a guitar shop
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He uses a Vintage Modern 2206C I believe, I think its on his website, I'm not sure.

That is indeed what he used.
When he played on the main stage, the CD with his backing tracks kept skipping so he just did 'Down to Mexico' and 'Red House' without a backing track, which was cool. After the CD started working again, he played a few songs off of his new album, plus 'Scarified' and 'Technical Difficulties'.

Malmsteen wasn't that great. He didn't play anything I recognised, didn't say much other than "Good afternoon" and "This backing track was recorded by.." (Don't remember which) "...[X] Symphony which I composed".
I'm a shred fan, but 30 mins of nothing but shred was pretty boring.
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Ahhh Paul cut his hair again.

I don't buy this Marshall dick riding speech just yet.
Paul was to Laney as Marty was to Crate. =/

When will this man come to Toronto?!?!?
Paul is a smooth character!

Saw him in Bristol a mere few weeks ago. Amazing tone live, really good - the whole band was, and the new album is simply amazing too.

BTW Paul is not "dick riding" Marshall. Perhaps you should hear his new tones first hey?...
He's @ a Marshall booth obviously he's going to say positive things about Marshall every chance he gets. Everyone does it whenever they're at clinics/endorsee advertisement booths. But Paul's used Laney forever and this sudden praise for Marshall just seems somewhat insincere. And a Marshall towel?? Come on.

Some of it is obviously genuine compliments but there's definitely a lot of lip service for Marshall.

I liked his old raw Laney tone better (though I'm not a big fan of this tone in the first place). That crunchy attack on tracks like Hurry Up is awesome. I've in fact heard the new tone on Silence... and it's pretty generic and thin actually. GOOMY > Silence both in terms of tone and the compositions.

We should discuss this in the Gilbert thread btw.