Are Goldo pots any good?
they're the best selling pots on Thomann but i'm just wondering if that might be because they're so cheap

I'm thinking about getting a Goldo EL500 for volume and an EL250 for tone
also, is that the right way round? 500kOhm for Volume and 250 kOhm for tone?
doing a Precision bass btw
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well that changes everything


EDIT: So do i just need two 50kOhm pots for vol&tone or a 50 and a 25 or something?
Rockin' shit
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two 50's should be fine.

But your gonna want the volume to be an audio (logarithmic) and the tone to be a B pot or (linear)

You can use two A pots (logarmithmic) for instance, but if you use the A pot for volume and B pot for tone, the values will sound more appropriate to your ear and level of changes.... if that makes sense
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you don't need 50k, a p bass comes stock with 250k
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skater dan0 is correct. i've seen basses with 250k and 500k pots. but it depends on the whole circuit running through the bass to properly tell one person what to do.
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If it had active pickups it might use 50ks. But passive stuff will need the same as guitars.