whenever i slap and pop, my mom says it sounds terrible(mostly just the popping). am i doing it wrong? or do i just have really bad tone?
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Probably have a really bad tone.

And another point: How are we meant to know if you have a bad technique if we haven't heard or seen it? At least describe it for us.
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....Does your mom play bass?
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Is your mom a bassist?
Personally I'm not too keen on slapping and/or popping, so it could just be personal preference.
Compare your tone to that of bassists on- god I hate referring to this- youtube.
But keep in mind that half of them have the worst technique you're likely to ever come across.
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got any recordings?
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wow it must be pretty freakin terrible if your mom says youre bad at it
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You take advice from you mom? Fail.

got any recordings?

Hey Hey Hey!!! There are some musically skilled mom's out there...and some of them actually...ahem...play bass.

That's OK TS, my kid told me today that I sound bad at tapping (which I do). Its probably your technique but without a brief description or recording of how you are slapping and popping, its going to be hard to give you advise.
It probably has something to do with your tone, maybe your strings sound too dull though, how old are your strings? Slap sounds a lot better on newer brighter strings, I just replaced mine.
um i was thining why dont one of you really good olayers post a simple video of th slapping and popping tecnique on youtube the right way. its just that there are millions of these how do you.... threads you know and if there is one of these you can just direct them to it.
P.S i wanna a video to see if im doing it right.
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How good is your muting technique? Slap and pop really needs to be kept clean, with the pops short and sharp, and no slaps ringing out too long.
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We need descriptions.

Also, just a thought but if your bending the G down below where it should be then you'll get an awfull buzzing ring. Other then that. are you sure it's not just bad tone?
You probably have a tone problem. Try cutting your mids and boosting the bass and treble. In case you don't know, cutting means to just turn down your mids a lot.