I was planning on getting an Agile AL-3000 a little while ago, but i just got a job that will pay me quite a bit more then what i was getting before. My question is should i still go with the Agile (HERE)

Or should i get an epiphone?

Which leads me to my next question..

Should i get an Epiphone LP Custom (HERE)

Or an Epiphone LP Standard? (HERE)

what are the differences between the two?
IMO, I would choose the agile over both the epiphones. And I definately wouldn't waste my time with the Les Paul custom, when i played it I thought it just looked very tacky, and sounded muddy. But these are just my opinions. Heres my advice, stay away from most of the big names, you can get alot more for your money elsewhere.

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i dont know about the agile, but if you go for the epiphone id go with the standard, the gold hardware on the custom is a bit tacky looking i think, plus it fades quite quickly if you lean your hands on the gold bits, from what im told they are more or less the same guitar apart from the binding on the headstock and the gold hardware