Hi...I really searched DA forums for this one, but there is no case such as mine..anway..I got a deal from my local guitar shop which includes the infamous ENGL thunder amp head..so basically...its used..and in mint condition..the price tag is around 600 euros..but a new one in my country(Slovenia) is around 800 euros..anyway..I play a bit of different styles:
Muse, Machinae Supremacy, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold(yes I love them), a bit of Metallica, a bit of SOAD, Billy Talent...well for comparison, a new fireball is around 1,1k euros, a new powerball around 1,6 k euros and the Savage for around 2 k euros..So is it worth the 600 euros for me or should I look higher..anyway gonna try the thunder in a couple of days to check out the sound..Oh and is getting a marshall as the cabinet part, a good idea?=)
Oh and I play in a band..so in the future hopefully we`ll have some gigs...anyway we play, alternative, pop rock type of music with a bit of metal in it..=)
Thats about it..tnx for any feedback on this one=)
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You can get a new ENGL thunder amp head for bout £600 in the UK and shipping will not be 200 euros so you can save cash but if you can afford to go higher then its always worth it and always look at tube amps such as Voxs. I have a Vox AC30 and i play in a band that does around the same muisc minus the metal and it fits really well.

Buy go out and try this things if you can afford better then buy better, dont buy something because its cheap because you will regret it
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Ahh...I`m already preoccupied with ordering an ibanez j custom from Japan in the (near) future..Cause I`m not really experienced in online shopping and ordering:P
Anyway, I don`t have that many choices for amps here..I CAN go to Italy to check more options, and Italy is cheaper in things like music instruments and technology..so maybe I`ll try there..But honestly I just want to know if the Thunder is a good amp or is not worth buying, cause I read alot about it here in UG and people keep saying buy the higher end ones