As some of you may know UG on drawball is dead but I have a plan...

I think its time to attack the Xenu logo. We should color in the U and create a G beside it. it will be hard so we need everyone in the pit to help.

Ultra Win
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“A baby’s on the way.”

I could kick you in the stomach
And catch you unawares
I could swear to God you accidentally
Fell that flight of stairs
no more drawball threads. the thing is stupid and the xenu people probably have got teh hax0rz.
True the only way that they would be able to maintain or create such big logos would be that many people have infinite ink.
Plus they maintain their logo and have ink to spare by attacking other people
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Ya well when i wrestle/play with my dog he sometimes jumps on my back and starts humping me. But should he be doing this if he is neutered?

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Wrestle with him naked. He'll ruv you rong time.

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....no homo?