Poll: Do you drink it when it's cold?
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Yeah, nothing wrong with it
42 54%
No way, I'm getting a new one
36 46%
Voters: 78.
You return to your desk/room/table/cave after an hour or so of doing something else, only to remember that tea/coffee/hot chocolate/frappuccino you made earlier, which is now cold.

So Pit, do you drink it cold, or get yourself a new drink?

EDIT Include microwave with get a new one, and well done to whoever spotted that frappacino is served cold
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I don't drink hot drinks, besides the occasional hot chocolate. But I'd rewarm it.
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I made instant coffee in the microwave - it was so fast, I almost went back in time.

More to the point, if you microwave, you get gumph on the top. Tis yucky.
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depends on what it is, if it's tea or chocolate then yes, coffee gets microwaved and frappuccino is served cold anyways.
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i tend to sit on it to warm it up i have gluts made of marshmellows mother knows best!
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speed yes, energy drinks no, and what if you just like the taste of coffee?
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Strong coffee ftw.
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I'll drink lukewarm tea easily, but not cold, unless it needs finishing off. Cold coffee is not so tolerable, though.
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I'd down it and make a a fresh one.
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I'd heat it up again.
I just drink it cold.
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Sometimes the mug I am using happens to be a non-microwaveable one. Then I am like this:

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I havent owned a microwave in 7 years, so make a new one
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i thought a frappicino was served cold
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Get a new one, cold tea is a crime against humanity.
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I only hot drink I have is coffee and if that goes cold I don't drink it. But I don't make a new one in case I forget about that one as well.