Is this a good way to go? As much as i Like LP's i refuse to drop over 2 grand for a Gibson. Will this get me closer to the true LP tone, and which of the Gibson pickups is a better bet, the Burstbucker, 57's etc...

How much of a tone improvment would it be from the stock buckers.

I'd go aftermarket pickups, gibson's are 2-3x what they should cost.


The rockfield SWC and a GFS 59 should be a near perfect set for you.
At about 1/4th the price.
If you don't wanna spend 2000 on a les paul, buy something like a ESP-LTD - EC400 VF (which is an esp, les paul copy) as is that guitar sounds really similar to les paul. but you can also put Gibson pickups into that guitar. I personally own this guitar set-up and can tell you that it sounds really sweet. This whole thing should cost about 800 dollar.
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i know gibson's are overpriced, but are GFS's really even anything close to that kind of quality? I have heard that they are good, but for the price.

I know the mean 90 is pretty much perfection in what I was looking for in a P-90 on my Dot, I've heard great things about the 59s too.

Oh, and rockfield, I've purchased and they're on the way for a humbucker/coil tap/kill 3-way selector project on an epi les pal junior
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