OK guitar center did it again, i told them to order the dean explopsion razorback and they didnt do it on time,
i have to tell them a guitar they have on time so they can give it to my friend whos coming to israel
ok listen, what guitar should i get?
from 500-1100 $ a little more if its neccesary
i'd preffer a good guitar for metal
what type of bridge, pups, wood, type of neck.

But we might be looking at an ESP
What amp will you run it through?
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crate 15w it doesnt matter, i just need one fast, please dont say just like jackson, if you can say the full name
and i would like one fwith a tremolo bar like a floyd rose maybe or something better
Got a friend with one of those Scheters and there very good i'd go for that if I was you because it should meet your specifications.
Jackson DKMG, I have one and I love it. You could probably get better for 1000 $ but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The EMG's are nice, fast fretboard, tremolo is always in tune, nice low action etc - This is on my DKMG of course, it naturally differs for each guitar.
The hellraiser might be better though, since it has an original floyd rose. I don't know anything about how the neck on it is though and other stuff like that, but it seems nice.
I have played schecters before. They are a good deal for what you pay. I say choose the schecter
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What amp will you run it through?

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crate 15w it doesnt matter...

Actually it kind of does, that's why someone asked. Frankly you'd be wasting your money spending so much money on a guitar and running it through a terrible amp. I suggest spending half of you budget on a guitar and getting a better amp as well as soon as you get the opportunity.