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This summer i am looking into building up a recording rig. i know what interface and stuff i am going to get. i am currently stumped on which mics to buy. I want a lot of versitility from it, from guitar amps to bass amps to vocals. One friend of mine told me to get a drum mic set. because i can mic both drums and use those mics can be used for vocals and guitar amps and they will still sound good. Is this true? and if so how would you rate this two drum mic sets.


i doubt it... i'm not an expert in this.. but i really doubt it would do the job for the vocals too
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No, the condensers should actually be fine for recording vocals.. I am guessing they want to make you use them for the toms and crash?

There is no such thing as a strait up drum mic really. When you get a microphone you get this chart of the frequencies it best pics up, or at least we used to when I worked at a production company. Compare the tech specs of those microphones to the tech specs of a really good vocal condenser and you wil have your answer.
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Most cheap sets of drum mics are of pretty low quality, so I'd avoid them, but what siliendud said is correct otherwise. Mics such as the Shure SM57 are excellent on vocals, guitars, and drums. I'd go for quality over quantity and get a pair of decent small-diagram condensers for your drum overheads and maybe guitar, a SM57 or Audix i5 as your main mic for snare drum, electric guitars, and even vocals until you can get a large-diaphragm condenser, and something for you kick drum. It will probably cost you more in the long run, but it's a good, versatile investment.
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