so.. you might noticed that i was asking for an advice on a strat earlier ... and i found out it's H S H routed.... so i'm about to put a humbucker PU into it, so i will be able to do some rockin'...

i need something that could cover most of the distorted classic rock...
the first thing i came across.... -> p.90!!! so.. i was wondering.. how would a p90 sound on neck position?... i dont have any expirience from that, os i'm just asking ... would it be even able to insert a p90 in there?...

however... if that one wouldnt do the job.... which PU would you chose for neck position.... (i personally would like to have a singlecoil in the bridge position and in the middle... -> humbucker in the neck position...)
.. if it doesn't work that way suggest a PU for the bridge position

thanks in advice
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P-90s aren't humbucker sized.
And all that bit and treble would be lost at neck position.
Get a GFS dream 90, pop it in the bridge, a Seymour duncan cool rails in the middle, and a gibson 490R in the neck, you'll have every tone you'd ever need right there.
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you can get humbucker sized p90s from seymour duncan. they have the P-Rails, which can be wired with a push/pull pot to get single coil, humbucker and P90 sounds..

by the way, what's your guitar and amp? what tone are you after?
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You may want to unscrew your pickguard and check the routing on your strat before you put too much thought into this as well...