I'm looking for a new amp to buy. Preferably a tube, but if you can help with a solid state with what I want, i'd take that. Right now im playing through a Peavey Rage ( ) but it's only for bedroom use right now. I'm looking to start jamming with some friends and maybe play a few gigs, so I need an update.

I play through an Ibanez S470DXQM, and play a varitory of music. From RCHP, Maiden, Blink 182, I want to eventualy learn some Dream Theater and Alter Bridge. I also like to jam over Blues and Jazz backing tracks too. So I need something that can pull off jazy clean, but also high end distortian. I can pull off the dirty cleans with my Overdrive Pedal.

So i'm looking for an amp/pedal combo with a budget of roughly 300-400. Give or take a hundred. I live in Canada if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
I like the classic 30, will have a hard time with maiden maybe but is good for all else. If you can up your budget a bit you could get a traynor ycv50 blue and be much better off in the overdrive department and still have great cleans. They're canadian as well so you support your country too.
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Yeah i've heard nothing but good things from those Blues. But it's a little out of budget for a 16 year old with a crappy part time job right now. I'll look around for a Classic 30 and maybe some pedals.
I know where you're coming from, but this is an amp you will never need to replace. Don't get me wrong, the C30 is a good amp, but it's still more of a stepping stone that anything. If a classic rock kind of sound is what you're going for mostly the C30 is good, but anything higher gain than that and it will struggle.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Trust me, the wait will only make it sweeter. I made a similar mistake in getting a Hot rod deluxe. It's a good amp, but it wasn't as good as I wanted. Luckily I was able to sell it for as much as I bought it for, but you may not be so lucky. You could always look used as well. Thats how I got the mesa.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Having played both myself I actually like the peavey classic 30s better than the traynor blues, i have a feeling i'm in the minority though
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Thats true, but living in a small town means not a lot of used Traynors go up for sale
CL and the bay are a good place to look.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I've look both places, im lucky to have a post a week in CL, and my parents dont have a credit card to use eBay haha
check out the blackheart little giant plus OD pedal, such as bad monkey or whatever you want to look into. the cleans are really nice and the overdrive....well...hear for yourself
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