So, I'm planning on purchasing an Epiphone LP Custom, and I have a question on which pickups I should use.

I've listened to a few, and I've thought about a Tony Iommi neck pickup, and a Seymour Duncan JB bridge, but I'm not sure how that would sound through a Vox AD30VT. I am no where near a guitar center, and I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is a good combination. I'm going for an Adam Jones-type tone.
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my suggestion would be to not spend money on pick ups due to your amp. But that's just me and most of UG
ya i would agree the the guy above me. first invest in a better amp. but if you really want to get a better guitar. The JB in the bridge sounds sweet on a vox ad30vt (i had that amp and pickup combo)

also i wouldn't suggest getting a epiphone les paul custom if you are planning on changing the pickups right away., If you really want the seymour duncan JB try finding a les paul style guitar that already has it in it. for example the LTD-EC400VF
The epi custom pickups aren't nearly as bad as some other epi's, they're weaker and a little muddy on bottom, but amp settings can fix that.

I'd say go for an all-tube amp first.
Blackheart iver epi valve jr. SImple because EQ is a necessity for me.
Or go with the epi valve jr. and get a danelectro fish n' chips EQ pedal.
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