hey folks, i have this problem. i am using amp modeling software on my computer and i connect my half stack to the computer for use as a speaker. the distortion sounds absolutely faboulous but the cleans are really, really, really distorted that it sounds like a really crappy overdrive pedal set to minimal overdrive. i went to guitar center and one of the clerks steered me away from buying DI box and they convinced me to buy one of these funny looking Light Snakes. instead of cleaning the signal like i expected it would it just added more dirt. would a DI box help or should i just invest in to one of those usb audio interfaces?
Sounds like you have a lot of gain in your signal before you go into the modeler. Try to adjust the line volume so that the clean guitar is loud but clean.

A DI box would work pretty good for what you're wanting, but a USB interface would be better in the long run since you can use it with a good mic to record an amp.
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yea thats right, the sound coming from my headphones and computer speakers blow. I dont use it for recording though because i want it to sound good coming out of anything. i just use the amp modeling software for my own enjoyment.
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