So in the 2 ditonic (sp) scales (Harmonic and Major)

whats the formula for the major and minors inside the scale..

example ;/ say we're playing in Cmajor

You've got Cmaj, Dminor, Eminor?, Fmajor

ya feel me?

i dont need the note names i just need to know which are major and minor

I need the same thing with the harmonic,

I know which is which when I have a guitar in my hand, just beacuse my ears rock face.. but tomorrow im going to teach lessons to these older women and would like to have this written down for them to study, help me out

every major scale follows the same pattern as in which notes are major and minor, determines which chords you play in the progression.

I'm trying ot have this written down so im prepared for the lessons im going to teach tomorrow..

is this not making sense to you?

nevermind ive got to go, thanks anyways
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For major scales it's I ii iii VI V vi vii*, which in C major turns into C Dm Em F G Am Bdim.

To find out what triads are in a scale just play a triad starting on each note of the scale, sticking to the notes of the scale (this is probably easiest done on piano), or learn the formulas.

This has some chord progressions: http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/chord_progressions.php
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