Okay so I finally got my new Peavey Bandit 112 today. It's the redline version. Talk bad if you want but this pwns my old MG. The amp isn't that noisy but holy tapdancing batman does my guitar squeal! I tried putting my noise gate in the effects loop and it didn't help but when I'm running it Guitar -> Noise Gate -> Amp there is no noise. So I'm going to leave it like this but I'm just wondering shouldn't the Noise Gate be in the loop? Or why isn't it doing so hot in the loop?
same problem with my mesa

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it's blocking the noise direct from your guitar, so it shouldn't be in the loop.
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Because your guitar is making the noise. So by using it that way it cuts the guitar noise. If you have it in the FX loop it'll cut amp noise rather than guitar noise.
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it's blocking the noise direct from your guitar, so it shouldn't be in the loop.

Oh. Okay thanks . I'm really digging this amp even though it just emulates tube it was the best I could afford and I'm glad.
Now to get a job and save for that 6505 combo.