you have made up a really lush riff that you have just been playing all ****ing day, then you take a break for an hour and you forget the dam rhythm...i wish i had recording stuff im so annoyed cause i wrote this really nice piano piece to this bass line i made up the other week and grrr its just completely gone.

does this ever happen to you?
All the time. I come up with a great riff and forget how it goes.

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Hell yes, I had an awesome little riff called bert once. He died. In my mind.

But seriously, most of the time my bands riffs are down to the lead guitarist, because he writes awesome thrashy stuff and no-one can ever get their heads around mine.
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Yes it has happend to me, and its very frustrating.

But since i got logic 8 and some other shizz its down on a track instantly.
i hate it when that happens! however, I do have some recording equipment. but it always seems to happen when I'm not home...
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I always think of these amazing riffs that I fall in love with.....and then I forget them because I'm not at home when I write them

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Even Jesus had this problem. It happens to everyone
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if i have a melody that i can't document i will call my cell phone and sing the melody to my voicemail.

try that.
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i cant write riffs
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i normally write it down, then if i have forgot the rythem will pick it up quickly

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that happens to me a lot, so i usually just write down a quick tab for it so i can hopefully remember how it goes...
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...sounds like music to me
i wrote down a tab for it, but it had a really odd rhythm which is what i cant remember
ive done sumthin similar, i came up with this decent riff, first time i had done, i was like, i gotta write this down!!! as soon as i sat down afterwoulds i had forgotten the riff, everything that came up after was just crap
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I once played the greatest song in the world, but I forgot it...

+1 to anyone who finds were I got that from ^

yea, it happens. i just resolve to believe that if a riff is really good, then i'll remember it.

but that's really just to make myself feel better.
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I often forget riffs but once I pick up my guitar it comes back to me straight away
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Thats why I record myself when I'm just messing around, in the past I used to forget riffs, melodies etc all the time.
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i wrote a awesome solo once. The next day at band practice, i tried to show it to them but i could only remember the first note
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i wrote a awesome solo once. The next day at band practice, i tried to show it to them but i could only remember the first note

Imagining the look on your face when you did that is priceless.
sometimes ill come up with kick ass riffs in my head but i never can transfer it from my mind to the guitar..its like i hear the riff in my head but i try to play it an i cant think of what chords to play
It used to happen to sometimes. Usually I have no problem remembering riffs, but sometimes it just happened unfortunately.
Now I just use Guitar Pro when I write a nice piece. Then I don't have any problem. And if I am not anywhere with close access to Guitar Pro, then I play it and record it on my phone.
Simple, and effective.