Okay so I just bought a glass slide for my guitar like 4 hours ago because, well, I've been wanting to learn how to play with a slide for a while now. When I got home from the guitar shop, I tried it out on my guitar and immediately felt how strange and difficult it was for me to play. I then began to experiment a little bit and decided that the most comfortable position for me to play was not to wrap my hand around the neck of the guitar like normally but to just lay my finger on top of the guitar and play like that.

So now that I've found a comfortable position to play, I need some advice on what songs I should learn how to play and maybe some techniques I could learn also to better my sliding skills.

So... shoot me some ideas...

turn the page by metallica
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but no seriously, the intro has a pretty bad@$$ slide section that is pretty easy to read lol
loser by beck, Love Spreads by the Stone Roses (best slide tune ever, but quite hard)
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High action also helps
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Statesboro Blues- Allman Brothers
In My Time of Dying- Led Zeppelin
What is and What Should Never Be solo- Led Zep
Shake Your Money Maker- Fleetwood Mac

Good starting songs. Just whip out a few old Allman Brothers records and learn from there, buddy. That's the best way to start learning blues slide guitar.
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Freebird...it's just a great song that I love but don't really need a slide for anything else so I haven't learned it.
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here's the key:

to properly sound notes with a slide, you want to "fret" the slide directly on top of the metal fret, not just behind like you would when playing normally. you should not press all the way down, just make sure you make smooth contact with the string. use any other fingers on either hand to mute the strings you aren't playing. open tunings are easier to play in when using a slide.
Slide guitar is usually played in open tunings to make it easier to use mulitiple strings. Also you'd generally have a guitar specifically set up for slide playing with higher action and heavier strings. You can play on, for example, a set of 9's in standard tuning but it doesn't work all that well.
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