Ive picked a nice song to play, but am playing some of the vocal part and also the guitar parts. When Ive rearranged them in GP5 the vocal and guitar parts are in different keys so it dont sound right. How can I fix this?

transpose it to the new key
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How do I found out the key of the existing guitar bit? The guitar part sounds nice so do I find the key of the guitar part then transpose the vocal part into that key?
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transpose it to the new key

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you can use a capo to change the key up. to change it down you'll have to tune down
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The vocal notes seem alot lower than the guitar notes so do I just use the transpose feature or do I change the key signature?
shouldnt the vocals and the guitar be in the same key if their the same song?

I just cut and paste the guitar and vocal parts and placed them onto the same track, so I only have one track now.