interesting song you got here man, it's got a kinda modern r'n'b feel to it, i think it's really crying out for some vocals dude but hey thats cool, for some reason this sounds to me like video game music without vocals, like i can se this in final fantasy or sumin like that.

um that change up at about 2 minutes is a bit abrupt, it dosent flow all that well tbh and it doesnt add all that much to the song, the song improves when it goes back to te main beat, i really like the ending, inact the ending would be quite cool in other parts of the song rather tan just the end.

anyway tis is well put tohgether i like it

crit mine? CLickIty
Thanks for the crit mate, now I gotta do you :P

Criting as I go -

The intro was pretty slow and warming, setting the atmosphere for a ballad-type slow rock song that someone could definately sing to. It sounds very nice on piano, but I would like to see it on guitar, that would be brutal as hell. The melody is touching and beautiful, still something that someone could easily sing to. The keyboard chorus part, whatever the hell that sound is, is pretty simple, but gets the job done and I like the shamisheen(sp?) solo thing. I'd like to see you transfer all that into guitar, cause then it would really be awesome dude. The ending is very beautiful and imo you should extend it longer cause it'd be a really good outro. Anyway 9/10, I hope to crit you more mate!
Yeah, like the guy above me said, I was just waiting for the guitar to kick in. I love stuff with both guitars and piano. But that wasn't bad either. Almost post-rock kinda thing. Good stuff. Maybe you could've done with a little more variety in the drums or something, but thats your choice. Its fine just the way it is too.