Hi i am a complete beginner. I have been playing a Classical guitar for a few months
and thought I d try out an acoustic.

So I was looking for a cheapo acoustic guitar, preferrable on the really cheap side

And I found this on sale


Now i no this guitar has no solid top or that it will stay OUT of tune, and
it just plain sucks (compared to Yamaha FG 700s, neways) ,
but how does this beginners guitar compare to
the takamine, art and luterine, washburn, and other yamahas of the world
WITHIN the price range (Around 110, give or take)?

Thanks I really need a new guitar
Thx ill look into it, and try to play it nxt time i go to guitar center,
what is your opinion on the yamaha guitar?
if you KNOW that the guitar you're going to buy isnt good(the yamaha), then why buy it? A guitar staying in tune is usually a good measure of how well built your guitar is. I would just wait it out and save up some more money to get a better acoutic in the $200-$300 range.
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