Hey guys!

I'm moving out, and decided to tear apart the rack mount setup...got a lot of things to send off, and need to add a few.

US and CANADIAN BUYERS ONLY! Sorry for all international interest, but I'd rather not deal with it.

All prices include shipping. Money order is preferred, as I'm not too happy with the business of the "paypal and ebay" company, but if it is a deal breaker for you, paypal is accepted.

Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
As new....bought it about 6 months ago, built my rig around it, but my life has throw some changes, and money takes priority over the rig. $350

DMC GCX Audio Switcher
Also in perfect working order. Comes with power supply. $350

30 ft. Midi Cable
Runs between the GCX and Ground control....5 pins to power the Ground Control aswell. $15 (free for buyer of the GCX System)

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Outstand pedal here...one of the best IMO. Can't justify keeping it at the moment though. Comes with original wooden box and power supply. $230

Analogman Silver Mod TS-9
Great pedal...my favorite tubescreamer by far, but again, too much for me right now. $150

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II
The pedal power block to have. Mint condition, and with all cables and paperwork. $150

EH Deluxe Memory Man Power Cable for PP II
Title says it all. $10

ISP Noise Decimator
Mint condition, in box with all paperwork. $100

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
Great pedal in as new condition. $55

Dimarzio Air Norton Neck Pickup
Mint condition, with plenty of lead. $55

Hit my up with any interest or offers.

For trades, I'm looking for:
Boss DD-20
EH MicroPog
MXR EVH Phaser
Radial Bigshot EFX

Thanks much!