SO I was at the music store today to return a pedal and they had a sale of 10% off all Roland products. In need of a practice amp, I impulse bought the Cube 15 for $119 (Canadian, before the 10% discount). So... is this amp good? Did I get a good deal? I have 30 days to return it if I don't like it. My other amp is a Vox AD100VT so I'm not buying this one for gigging really, just for practice or maybe open mic nights and stuff like that.
Judging by list price, you saved about 20 dollars, but also for what you could get it for online, you payed about 20 too much,

these are American dollars, I have no idea the exchange rate...

Nice buy all the same though,

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the cubes are great practice amps.. but I would never gig with one.. they don't have a sound that could just lead in music..

nonetheless you got an average deal I guess.. good practice amp.
Eh, not really - the 15 is the worst in the Cube series as it doesn't have the amp modelling which makes them so good.
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