I'm going down to Steve's Music store tomorrow and I was thinking about taking my Schecter C-1 Classic down to lower the action. It's 4.6mm @ the 12th fret which is too high for me. My Epi g-400 which is an infinitely inferior guitar has been getting more play because it's easier to play.

How much would it cost @ Steve's? Their workhours are over and I want to know how much I should expect.

Or for that matter, how much does it typically cost @ guitar stores?

I'm not too good with modding guitars/woodwork and I don't want to risk ****ing it up.
wouldnt it just be easier to just do it yourself :S

plus you spend no money that way
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they will charge you 20$ and laught at you

sorry I dont mean to be mean but you can do it yourself chances are that the tools you need came with your guitar

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You don't mod it, just take out a small screwdriver and adjust!
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Ok I guess I'll do it myself. 3 years of guitar I didn't know this was so easy.

Thanks for the site Ratm.
do it yourself, lol. seriously. it's really easy
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Yeah I just did it in 10 minutes.

I read all this stuff about intonation and sanding off **** and blah blah blah I thought it was complicated. Now it plays great =)

Thanks folks for saving me money and time.
p.s. don't go to steve's, go to long and mcquade, you'll pay more, but you get what you pay for.