so, i'm going to go to guitarcenter soon, and i'm considering the Takamine G340SC for $300. (or maybe the yamaha that goes for the same price) anyway, i also would like to get a hard case, a nice tuner, and maybe some extra strings. i plan on haggling my heart out, but i wanted to see what kind of deal i should be expecting. any help/advice woudl be appreciated.
Probably 400 if you ask them to throw in a tuner and the extra strings.

Just say like "I need some new strings and a better tuner, but I don't have any more money."

And see if they throw it in.
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main problem, most workers at guitar center can't be haggled, if its just a regular employee they can't authorise a different price,

so try to find a manager, assistant manager, or (your best bet) the head of the guitar department, department heads will usually hook you up because the percentage they make off the commission is usually much higher than the average floor worker.
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